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Hot Melt

Seamless, cost effective waterproofing for protected membrane roofs, podiums, green and blue roofs for design life of the building


Hot Melt waterproofing systems have been installed successfully for over 50 years and have been specified on many prestigious new builds in the UK.

Its numerous advantages include: excellent life expectancy and performance, competitive installation costs and its speed and ease of application.

The Material

Hot Melt systems are formulated from blending modified bitumen, polymers and natural or synthetic rubbers. It is further reinforced with a high tensile polyester fabric.

The product arrives on site in containers containing separated blocks or ‘cakes’ of material. These cakes are then fed into a melter at a controlled temperature in the region of 200°C.

It is applied as a hot liquid in two layers (nominal thickness of 6mm) directly to a prepared structural deck to form a seamless self-healing rubberised monolithic membrane.

Key Benefits