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There is a large range of metal-based sheeting and cladding systems used on all building types for both new-build and refurbishment.

In recent years metal-based cladding systems have been used to produce strong architectural expressions and offer great flexibility of design in practically any shape of roof and colour finish.

The three principal forms of metal cladding are profiled sheeting, cassette panels and composite panels. The most commonly used materials are steel and aluminium. Other materials such as stainless steel, zinc, copper, bronze and even titanium have been used.

The boom during the 1980’s in large industrial sheds and smaller industrial parks, has left a legacy of buildings requiring major maintenance in order to remain viable.

Replacing the roofs and walls of these buildings with thermally efficient, low-maintenance materials provides a solution which not only extends the building life but also through improved insulation and installation techniques, offers the occupier reduced energy bills.

Our Experience

Nautilus has extensive experience in providing high quality roofing solutions for both refurbishment and new build projects across all sectors including the following roofing and cladding elements:

  • Standing Seam
  • Composite Roof and Wall Panels
  • Profiled Sheet and Liner Panel with Insulation
  • Structural Trays and Decking
  • Lightweight Tile Effect Sheets
  • Flat-to-pitch Over Roof Solutions
  • Rooflights
  • Composite Gutters and Rainwater Systems
  • Louvres
  • On-site and Bespoke Fabrications
  • Fascias, Capping and Soffit Systems