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Modern polymer liquid resins deliver a proven, fully bonded, seamless system. They have protected and repaired buildings successfully for over 35 years.

Once the substrate has been prepared (clean/roughened/abraded) the resin can be applied. Liquid systems are generally made up of the application of a first layer of resin into which a fully reinforced fibre fleece is embedded; a second topcoat of resin is then applied. A primer may be required for absorbent surfaces such as masonry.

Liquids are applied using hard rubber squeegees, lambs wool rollers, brushes and trowels to complete the finish and appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Work can commence on-site immediately without the need to wait for materials that require heating.
  • Exceptionally rapid cure times allow resin to be applied even down to temperatures of -5°C.
  • Curing times range from just 60 minutes (catalyst cured) to 24 hours (moisture cured) offering rapid waterproofing; this combined with the above makes for quick installation times.
  • The liquid provides a seamless waterproofing layer free from joints and seems. This makes it highly versatile and simpler than membranes when dressing awkward roof details and interfaces.
  • Unmatched levels of substrate compatibility make it ideal for bonding to other materials. This means it can be applied over the majority of existing roof coatings without the costly need to remove the old material.
  • Liquid roofing systems are highly durable and are designed to withstand regular maintenance traffic. It is an ideal system for heavily accessed roof and work environments. They are also resistant to UV degradation and airborne pollutants.
  • Liquid systems are fully warranted and certified to the highest standards including BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification.
  • Liquid finishes come in a range of different colours.