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After funding the successful short documentary, Royal, which culminated in a community event and premiere, we were keen to see what the creative team at Fine Rolling Media had planned for their next project.

We sat down with the team and listened as they described their vision for a modern, western film set in the South Wales valleys, staring autistic actors. It’s safe to say, that was far from what we expected to hear! But, after the success of Royal, we felt it was right to back the guys’ vision and continue to offer support for the film that soon came to be known as, ‘Showdown’.

‘Showdown’ has been a passion project for Fine Rolling since it’s conception. The Nautilus team fell in love with this witty, genre-dexterous script by Fine Rolling’s in-house writer, Lewis Carter.

SHOWDOWN TEASER from Fine Rolling Media on Vimeo.

A key factor in making this film an authentic success was casting the lead actor, Charlie Lock. Everyone involved in the film knew the importance of casting an autistic actor that could relate to the main character, Sam, and bring his own personality to the role. Young Charlie Lock from Quakers yard, South Wales blew us away with his ability to take direction and exude charisma on-screen at such a young age. His portrayal of a misunderstood kid with autism is genuine, sincere, playful, and moving. This is an incredibly brave performance from a young man who surely has a long career ahead of him.


Much like Royal, ‘Showdown’ premiered at a community event designed to rais money for charity and awarness for a good cause.

‘Showdown’ took home the ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ at the Cardiff International Film Festival in 2019—capping off another succesful investment in young filmmakers and entrepreneurs on behalf of Nautilus.

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