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Royal: A Short Documentary

As part of our drive to support social causes, Nautilus continues to work with The VC Gallery, whose main aims and objectives are to help veterans and the community using art engagement.

This work is hugely rewarding for the team at Nautilus and brings us ever closer to the communities we operate in. It also affords us the opportunity to meet amazing people, who have incredible stories to tell.

One of the most incredible of recent times is that of 92 year old World War II Royal Marines Commando, Ted Owens…

The Documentary

In association with Nautilus, Fine Rolling Media and The VC Gallery, ‘Royal’ is the true story of how a chance interview turned into a long-term project to fulfil the dreams of WWII Royal Marines Commando, Ted Owens. The documentary follows Ted’s journey from his remote coastal home in West Wales, to numerous commando barracks, where he investigates what life is like for the modern day commando, and re-discovers a sense of camaraderie that’s only grown stronger over time.

The Premier

In association with Fine Rolling Media and the Darwin Centre, a sold-out premiere screening of Royal was organised in Ted’s home town. Guest of honour, Ted, was welcomed at the premiere as he saw the finished documentary for the first time.

This unique event brought the community together, to pay respect to ninety-two year old WWII Royal Marines Commando, Ted. The night was topped off with a stunning painting of Ted by The VC Gallery.

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